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Featured Properties

We are proud to highlight three of our most recent projects, two of which were recognised with industry awards.

Mytton Heights, Motueka

900m2 of full black Motueka Riverstone exposed sealed concrete driveway

This large three-stage project involved a high amount of planning and time to make sure quality throughout the entire project was of the highest standards. We enjoyed the transformation of this project and the final results it produced.

31 Grove Street, Nelson

235m2 full black decorative Acid Etch driveway, patio, pathways, and stepping stones

This three-part pour, Decorative black Acid Etch was an awesome project to be involved in. This type of work being right up our alley, where the finer details are noticed, and showcased in the results.

4 Kakano Lane, Richmond

112m2 full black roller finish pathways and patios, and 66m2 decorative exposed design driveway

This job was of high importance to get correct, with strict timelines and attention to detail being of the highest importance. Our team were excited to take on this project, and we were honoured to be given full creative reign throughout.

Project Portfolio

We've compiled a selection of some more of our best projects from around the region.

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