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Our Services

We provide a range of stunning concrete finishes, textures and design options, as well as beautification services to re-master existing concrete placements.  If you're not sure what solution is best for your property, just talk to us!

Exposed Concrete

Exposed Concrete

Exposed concrete uses special techniques to uncover decorative coarse stone in a range of colour options.

Decorative Glow Stone Steps (1).jpg

Decorative Concrete

Decorative concrete comes in polished, matte, textured, coloured or uncoloured finishes....or even glow in the dark!

Large Exposed Concrete Driveway


We can do driveways of any size, in any finish, on steep hillsides or flat sections alike.

Concrete Pole Shed and Shed Slab

Floor & Shed Slabs

We specialise in both standard and decorative finish floors, as well as pole shed slabs of any size

Concrete Pathway


Pathways provide safe and easy access onto or around your property.

Concrete Patio & Entertainment Area

Patio/Entertainment Areas

A patio can become an extension of your home and a new living space to relax or entertain.

Concrete Pool Surround

Pool Surrounds

Concrete pool surroundings are durable, low maintenance, and a beautiful way to achieve incredible results.

Concrete Skate Ramp & Skate Park


We enjoy being a part of unique outdoor recreational projects, including skate ramps.

Commercial Concrete Project

Large Projects

We pride ourselves in quality work no matter the size, and can confidently complete any scale project, even commercial.

Cut Concrete Driveway

Concrete Cutting

Control cutting is a strategic series of cuts that form a pattern in newly laid concrete to provide an artistic or stylised finish.

Residential Concrete Driveway that has been cleaned and sealed

Concrete Cleaning & Sealing

If your current concrete needs rejuvenating, we provide professional concrete cleaning and sealing for a fresh look & coat of protection.

Custom Concrete Steps

Customised Concrete

 If there is a custom project you are wanting done but it’s not one of our named services, get in contact with us, we'd love to help!

We're here to create your dream concrete.
Talk to us about your project today.

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